Pinewood Derby

Who: All Scouts and siblings
What: Pinewood Derby
When: Sat March 7, 2020  2-4 PM
Where: The Charter School, 201 Main St., Franklin, Mass.
How much: Scouts free, siblings $5
Note:  Please do not add weights to the underside of the car as it will not clear the track.

Date Event
Mon Jan 20
7 PM
Pick up your kit at the Janurary pack meeting
Saturday Feb 29
1 – 3:00 PM
 5 Fort Apache Dr
Sat Mar 7
2-4 PM
Race day!

This year we will be having a race for the siblings and adults, so if you feel like creating your own Pinewood Derby car as you help your son or daugter create his or hers here is your chance!

If you cannot come to the weigh-in, please contact Kelly Poirier to arrange a time to drop your car off at his house before then. All cars must be impounded by Saturday February 29th in order to race.

  • Please do not number your cars. The numbers will be assigned by us as it helps us to easily find the cars during the race. If you have a conflict with the date or time please let me know. We won’t be able to do it after Sunday because we will need time to put everyone in the computer system.
  • We will need lots of help to make this event a success!

Download the rules, or contact Kelly Poirier

with any questions.

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