We are now on Facebook!

We are now on Facebook – please check it out here!


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Pinewood Derby Design

As we gear up for the BIG RACE – here are some ideas to jump start your designs,,,,




Already Started?  Come weigh in your car and check your progress Saturday the 11th at the pinewood derby workshop!  Follow the link below to reserve your spot!




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Help Wanted

We have an EXCITING opportunity for YOU!!!   help-wanted-bg2-300x229

We are currently seeking a Cubmaster and Assistant Cubmaster, in addition to several other very exciting roles in the Pack!  Please consider stepping up. This year you would only be shadowing.

Positions Available Contact
Cub Master  chair@franklinpack126.org
 Ast. Cub Master  chair@franklinpack126.org
 Pop Corn Kernell  chair@franklinpack126.org
 Pinewood Derby Associates  chair@franklinpack126.org
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