Summertime Pack Activities

This year, we have twelve summertime pack activities to keep you involved over summer vacation. They are optional, but if you participate in at least six of the thirteen, you will receive a Summertime Pack Award at the September sleepover.

May 25 Laying of Flags community service
May 26 Memorial Day Parade
Jun 7–8 Chuckwagon sign up in advance
Jun 10 Rocket Blast $12 rocket kit
Jun 14–15 Battleship Cove $ in advance
Jul 19–20 Pawtucket Red Sox Sleepover $ in advance
Jul 26 Fishing Derby
Aug 1–3 Cub World $ in advance
TBD Nature Hike
Aug 9 Disc Golf, Dacey Fields, 10:00
Aug 28 Kickball Game, Kennedy 6:30
TBD Kennedy Beautification
TBD Blue Hills Observatory
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Help Wanted

We have a critical need for help!!!   help-wanted-bg2-300x229

We need a new popcorn fundraiser organizer.  Yes this job can be shared.  Please consider stepping up. This fundraiser is critical to the running of our pack. Dawn Hafers has entered her final season doing this job.  It would be best if the person/people taking it over could shadow her and learn from her.  This year you would only be shadowing.

Positions Available Contact
Popcorn Kernel Caroline Cronin or Dawn Hafers
Pack Recruiter Caroline Cronin
Community Service Caroline Cronin
Appliance Drive Caroline Cronin
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Franklin Food Pantry

Who: All Scouts and siblings
What: Franklin Food Pantry
When: Every pack meeting
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